Combine training at home with therapy at a clinic to maximize results

Train your brain

Home training under supervision of a therapist

Braincoach is directed towards adults and children aged 6 and above, aiming to enhance concentration in daily life. This program seamlessly integrates Neurofeedback with awareness and strategy training. Our program centers around neurofeedback, a cutting-edge brain training technique. By utilizing an EEG device, we monitor and display brain activity on a screen. Through this training, participants learn to intentionally adjust their brain activity in a targeted direction.

And this is how it works

We measure your brain function

During an intake, we measure the activity of your brain. In addition we will determine the relevant training goals: why do you need brain training?

We discuss your training plan

We discuss the measurement results with you and make a structured training plan: what do you need to do in the next weeks? 

You train at home

You perform daily neurofeedback training at home. The training adapts itself at the state of the day, so you’ll always have the right training intensity.

We evaluate the results

We sit together (online or in the clinic) and discuss the outcomes after a few weeks of training. Was the training successful? Is further training warrented?

The three pillars of Braincoach

Brain training

Training with a headband to improve your brain function. Your therapists selects the right training for you.


Tips and tricks of your therapists on how to implement new strategies in your daily living.


The results of every training are monitored, so you always know if you are on the right track.

We team up with the best partners in order to provide impactful training


Sensors to measure brain activity, heart rate and oxygen levels

Multiple sensors to measure relevant brain activity.



Ultralight to ensure good fit and ease of use.


days of brain training before recharging

You can train 2-3 weeks with one battery charge.

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