Increase your vitality, improve your health

Train at home while your therapist monitors your progress. Our science-based program improves your vitality and general health, and will provide a solid basis for healthy aging. 

Home training under supervision

Agingcoach is a training program specially designed for individuals who want to feel better and fitter as they age. The program supplements therapy in the clinical setting with individual training and guidance at home. This ensures an optimal frequency and intensity of exercises in the home environment. Daily training improves your physical and mental fitness, thus enhancing your quality of life. This applies to individuals with good health as well as those with health issues

The three pillars of our Agingcoach program


New exercises every week to improve your vitality.


Direct contact with your therapist, who can motivate you to do the work.


Your progress is measured during the program.

Your journey

The Agingcoach program is fully compliant with international guidelines of improving vitality and healthy aging. In order to provide you the best quality program, we embedded the program in a standardized journey: onboarding, measuring, training, coaching – monitoring, and evaluating.


Days of training your body and improve your health

Start your daily routine and experience the results after a short time. The first three months are all about activating your body and mind!


Exercises to improve your vitality

You’ll get new exercises every week, while the intensity slowly increases. Your body will be surprised and you will feel the training effects.


We strive towards a participation of at least 70%

Our data show that a participation of at least 70% is necessary for significant results. Therefore we will motivate you to practice as much as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find answers to the most common questions below Let us know if you cannot find the question or answer you are looking for.


Your therapist will help in deciding if the program is suited for you. He will interpret the outcomes of the standardized assessments before the start of the program and advise you on the intensity and eventual adaptations.

The program’s duration is 6 months. The first period of 2 weeks is called the activation phase, followed by 10 weeks of training. The second half of  the program is the stabilization phase. 

Of course you can stop at any moment. If you want to improve and maintain your vitality, it is important however to keep on training. Ask your therapist for advice if you want to stop the program.

You can find a chat icon in the upper corner of the app. If you click here, you can write a message that will appear in your therapist’s inbox in the Blended Clinic. You’ll see his response in the same chat in your app. Be aware that it might take a little time for your therapist to respond, since he might be busy working with other clients!

We use a number of questionnaires and assessments that are specifically developed for measuring vitality. We use these to determine your base state of health, and to measure improvements. 

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